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At GBIT, we understand the essential nature of skills to the wellbeing of any business. We offer opportunities for qualified individuals or companies to work alongside with us in our quest to be the Enterprise Software Specialists provider of choice.

The GBIT Partner Program is a synergy of dynamic individuals all over South Africa working towards the same objective – to add exceptional value to clients through solving technically complex problems. Our approach is to create a productive collaboration between people, system and processes to ensure our clients’ business keeps operating at maximum productivity.

Your attributes, as a potential GBIT Partner:


You are a dynamic, optimistic, service orientated individual. You are also a good communicator, show attention to detail and enjoy working with people. You are experienced with the problem solving process: Listen, ask questions, take notes, consider the options and offer practical suggestions to technically complex problems. 


Your skills will include a fundamental understanding of technology (software, hardware &  infrastructure). You will be skilled in accounting principles, financial analysis and the communication thereof.


We prefer our consultants to be professional and mature in their approach to clients, usually as the result of years of experience in the software industry, and a solid track record of satisfied customers. 

As a GBIT Partner, you can earn a substantial income from servicing existing GBIT customers in your area. Please contact us should you be interested.


At the heart of Information Technology is the way that people view, act, and relate to information. People are the single biggest contributor to the success, or failure of any environment.

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